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    Re: Frenchman's 4/30

    We were out on Saturday for a few hours until it got windy. Kids caught 6 and LDR quite a few others. I got skunked again but I did get to be net man and fish cleaner ;)All fish were caught on Vances copper & pink dodgers with a half of nightcrawler about 18 inches back. *

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    Re: Frenchman's 4/30

    Glad to hear the boat people are starting to pick up fish !!

    I have been waiting for the water to warm up, before putting my
    boat on the water.

    The first part of the season is better from shore with the cooler water.

    I was out there Sunday..............

    It was a frigging ZOO !!

    Tons of boat of all types, old,new,tin,wood,water ski, ski doo's
    and even tube guys, you name it !! :o :o :o

    Fishing should be prime in two weeks, if the weather holds out.

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    Frenchman's 4/30

    A buddy and I fished Frenchman's yesterday and picked up nine, running between 12" and 14". All with nice pink meat. We fished the SE corner of the lake between the Spring Creek and *Big Cove Campgrounds. Caught them on FF and crawlers w/PB fished at 12 to 15'. Too many LDR's and SDR's to count. Didn't see too many other fish caught and not too many boats out. All in all, a great day! ;D

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