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Thread: Pardee?

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    Re: Pardee?

    From the Pardee website

    Oct. 2, 2006 vol.06/36

    Fred Dorman, Staff Writer e-mail:


    Water conditions: The water level continues to drop slowly in anticipation of the start of the rainy season. The Lake looks to be about 5 or 6 feet below spill and slowly dropping. Recent rain has decrease visibility to 10 feet. The water temperature measured 72 degrees at surface and 68 at the 20 foot mark at the Marina again this week.

    Trolling: Still only fair, most are putting two or three in the box for a full day’s effort. Some are doing a better than that but there are no quick limits or consistently producing areas. The face of the Dam and the River Arm are the two most mentioned areas again this week. Still fishing continues to be the most successful method. A couple of boats did well still fishing at the last pencil buoy on the way out of the Narrows. The catch is predominately Trout with a few Kokanee to 12 inches mixed in. The bite is still best between 6 AM and noon. Fishing depths are all over the chart 30 to 90 feet and everything in between. Small lures, pink/white hoochies and beaded spinners tipped with white shoepeg corn followed with a large silver/blue or watermelon dodger for trollers while still fishermen prefer night crawlers, eggs or grubs.

    Shore Anglers: Bank fishing continues to be good news lately. The bank opposite the EBMUD boathouse was hot over the weekend; quite a few limits were taken there before the rain drove folks away. There are lots of fish holding in the Recreation area. The sliding sinker set up with processed eggs or bait in white, rainbow and chartreuse with sparkles has been the winning combo.

    Some recent success stories: (these pictures were in the last web report but didn’t get in because our web person was out of town, so here they are). The three Amigos, Bob, Richard and Bud got 3 nice limits of trout on the 22nd (details classified), Jim Firmilo of Madera got a 8.24 lb smallie trolling with a broken back trout minnow at 60’. Alan Camp landed 16.4 lbs of bass Saturday. Congratulations to all!

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    Re: Pardee?

    Dose anyone know when they last plant was at Pardee? :-[

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    Re: Pardee?

    Fished it Wed. with sjsharks. We were trolling. Didn't see but one bank fisherman. The bite was slow but we marked alot of fish. The guy I saw fishing from the bank was across the cove near the boat ramp. The board at the gate showed a plant of like 1000 lbs or something back on 9/29. See my report from 10/4 for more details. :)

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    I heard that there was a decent bite off the bank at Pardee lately. Any info?

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