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    Re: Late Sat. Aug. 30th Report-no pics...

    Nice report Gerry! Thanks for keeping us posted.


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    Re: Late Sat. Aug. 30th Report-no pics...

    Good deal, have always heard good things about that boat and skipper. Won't hesitate to recommend him. - Al

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    Late Sat. Aug. 30th Report-no pics...

    Went out on Flash Fishing with 4 of my friends. There were 5 of us total along with Captain Steve and his deckhand/friend Jerry. We started off with a few drifts near Crissy Field, Alcatraz, Mel's reef, and TI. Unfortunately, not a single bite except for a small shark near Crissy field.

    Captain Steve decided to head over to the south bay near the begining of the rock wall just south of the bay bridge. We spent the rest of the day making multiple drifts through this area. Ended up with a total of 8 keepers between 23 and 26 inches, and maybe 5 shakers. The weather was great once we got away from SF with sunny skies, some wind, and overall calm conditions for most of the day. My friend Robert was the "hot rod" today with 3 keepers along with one shaker. Everyone else got to pull in at least two fish except for Captain Steve and I. I got a few hits that didn't stick. Captain Steve's rod had one or two raked baits. Jerry the deckhand had one keeper and a few hits as well.

    Side note: Durring our last 40 minutes of the day (2 drifts or so) I decided to change things up a little. I pulled out one of the shimano Lucanus jigs, 7oz white/gold color, and figured I would give it a try just for kicks. Well, on the first drop it gets hit within a minute after hitting the bottom. Fought it for about 5 minutes or so, and finally got it up to color: 10lb bat ray. We pulled the jig, and released it. It was hooked on the left wing so i don't know if I snagged it by accident or if it saw the jig, missed it, and got snagged. Either way it did give me something to do for the day.

    We had a great time, and I can't say enough good things about Captain Steve and Flash Fishing.


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