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    Re: 1 Bow @ Hensley, 5 hrs trolling

    Hey mtally I was at hensley a week ago and trolled for 5 hours and cought 3 bows that lake sucks this year.In past years it has been great but not this year.When i was there last I did not graph much and i covered the dam and both launch ramp areas,up river.I wont fish it again this year.I ussuly like this lake because its is close to me where i live in fresno.Thanks for the report buddy.

    Fishon chris

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    1 Bow @ Hensley, 5 hrs trolling

    It took me about 5 hours of trolling today at Hensley to land one rainbow. It came on one of Captain Jack's pink hoochies behind a dodger tipped w/ worm. It was pretty good sized and I landed it right as I was pulling up to the boat launch to load up. It came at 35' on the downriggers. For the first time I saw a couple rangers out on a boat, but they were pretty cool. A lot of people up there today and the water was a little more clear than last weekend. Water temp was 77 F at the top but when we went for a swim we could tell it got much cooler just a couple feet below the surface.

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