Fished Davis Lake on Saturday. The boat ramp is plowed and clear -- still quite a bit of snow in the shaded areas. The lake is still fairly low. Boat ramp is in good shape, no problem launching the 20' Willie boat. We started trolling right out of the ramp and headed to the west side of the island. Small trout were jumping all over the place. We started out toplining with small rainbow rapalas. Had our first trout in about 5 minutes, about 14 inches. Trolled north and caught a few more, all about the same size. Then switched to pink/brass Dick nites and a cinnamon fly and fished the mouth at Lightning Tree. The bite would come on and off, and we kept switching lures to find the right ticket. Caught fish on almost everything we used -- dick nites, small needlefish, the trolling fly and a West Guin green spoon. Caught a total of 16 rainbows -- a couple had a small cocopod or two on them, most were nice and clean. They were all kind of thin -- must not have eaten much over the winter. Our biggest fish was 17 inches, although we lost a nice one that was probably 20. Talked to a couple other fishermen who said they had fish up to 22 inches -- but they didn't actually put a tape on them -- you know how that goes. It was a great day -- wind came up late morning -- still very fishable but COLD!