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    Re: 2011 Opener - Cold on the W. Carson (Pictures)

    CC and Jetspray, it was great to meet you guys in person and fish at ICR on Saturday. Mariahpup, it is always fun to spend time with you on the water. Wolfden, nice to meet you also.

    It was a gorgeous, sunny day on Friday at ICR with little wind. The bald eagles and pelicans were a special treat. My son got one nice Raibow about 2 lbs after CC and Jetspray left, and as CC predicted it almost pulled his rod into the water before he picked it up.

    The opener was mostly a bust for us as well. In the first half hour my son got a beautiful 3 lb Rainbow on the East Carson up by the last bridge, and we thought it was the first of many to come. No pics as the fish slipped out of his hands before I could snap a photo. Little did we know that fish was going to be the only sizable fish of the trip. We hit a couple more spots on the West Carson and East Carson, struggling mightily to pick up 3 DFG stockers along the way.

    Around 2:30 pm we decided to hit Robinson Creek and made a beeline for Bridgeport. Lower Twin was absolutely spectacular with full snow on the surrounding hills (sorry no pics). We fished from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm and caught and released about 40 DFG stockers, with the biggest going a plump 14 inches. Again no pics as I forgot my phone in the car. It was a long drive but well worth it.

    Hope to see everyone on the water again this season.

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    Re: 2011 Opener - Cold on the W. Carson (Pictures)

    Bridgeport was a hot ticket for the opener as well. We will hit ICR again and do some more streaming as the melt off slows down. Can't wait for Caples to open again but it is iced over right now......Jetspray

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    Re: 2011 Opener - Cold on the W. Carson (Pictures)

    Thank you for the report. At least you got your lines wet. Talked to a buddy who is up at Burney and between 10 people they have only caught 1 fish down at Baum Lake. The Pitt, part's of Hatt are blown out. Lot of big brooks being caught at Cassel but people are camping out and taking everything they catch. I'd rather see a few fish caught then poaching occuring any day of the week.

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    2011 Opener - Cold on the W. Carson (Pictures)

    Opening weekend started on Friday. Picked up Jetspray and headed to the campground at ICR where we were going to make sure that Wolfden got a space for his trailer. Arrived shortly before 0900 to find the gate still locked. Todd arrived shortly there after. We began to wonder if the CG was going to open going as far as calling the Carson City BLM to check. The gate opened a little after 1000 so all was well. Joining us at Wolf Camp was Mariahpup, Marinpaul, his son and his father. We decided to fish a little while below the campground. Using Gulp, Powerbait and various lures we managed only one trout, a nice 17 in holdover fatty that had to be near 3 pounds. Dave and I said good bye to the group that were heading over to the East Carson and the Carson River Resort. Hope you guys did good on the opener. I dropped Dave back home and around 1700 headed back to ICR for for a beer, chicken and a cigar with Todd and his two sons Brian and Nick. Headed home around 1900 to get my gear ready for the opener and try to get a little sleep.

    Friday Pictures

    Waiting for the Open

    Hookers Gather

    ICR Shore

    Marinpaul & Son

    Holdover Football

    Todd Burning Chicken

    Cigar Time

    California Alps

    Opening day started with me arriving at Jetsprays casa shortly before 0400 and we headed up the hill. We arrived at the 88 Bridge on the W. Carson at 0420 where we set out up our gear to await the starting gun at 0502. The sky was cloudless and full of stars. There was no wind and the temperature a chilly 14 degrees. We were surprised to find ourselves the only ones at the bridge. Later we were joined by Wolfden and his two sons and Cgagex3. There was even an appearance by the elusive and mysterious Fatfish. What can I say about the fishing. It was as old or colder than the weather. I fished many an opener and been skunked more than a few times but this year no one seemed to have any fish. After drawing a blank at the 88 Bridge we went down to the 89 Bridge. Here it was quite crowded. We saw no fish in the water either on a stringer or swimming free. This was pretty much the story at the other bridges as well. We did finally see one guy with a trout at Crystal Springs. Dave Cory and I continued our skunk fest at ICR.

    One more opener under my belt. Hopefully next year will be better though the future of the W. Carson seems in doubt. Perhaps I'll open somewhere else. Dave thanks for the companionship and the ride on the opener. Paul it was nice meeting you, your father and son. It's great to see thee generations fishing together. Bill it was great as always. Cory we'll get them on your next trip up. Stocker Fest is coming. Jeff don't be a stranger. Todd thanks for the BBQ chicken. It was nice seeing you and your sons again. Cold morning, Cold fishing and warm friends. Guess it wasn't all that bad after all.


    Cold on the W. Carson

    Cgagex3 Arrives

    Where you been Fatfish?

    Trying Hard

    Deciding What To Do

    Back to ICR
    Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish. -- Ovid

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