CC and Jetspray, it was great to meet you guys in person and fish at ICR on Saturday. Mariahpup, it is always fun to spend time with you on the water. Wolfden, nice to meet you also.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day on Friday at ICR with little wind. The bald eagles and pelicans were a special treat. My son got one nice Raibow about 2 lbs after CC and Jetspray left, and as CC predicted it almost pulled his rod into the water before he picked it up.

The opener was mostly a bust for us as well. In the first half hour my son got a beautiful 3 lb Rainbow on the East Carson up by the last bridge, and we thought it was the first of many to come. No pics as the fish slipped out of his hands before I could snap a photo. Little did we know that fish was going to be the only sizable fish of the trip. We hit a couple more spots on the West Carson and East Carson, struggling mightily to pick up 3 DFG stockers along the way.

Around 2:30 pm we decided to hit Robinson Creek and made a beeline for Bridgeport. Lower Twin was absolutely spectacular with full snow on the surrounding hills (sorry no pics). We fished from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm and caught and released about 40 DFG stockers, with the biggest going a plump 14 inches. Again no pics as I forgot my phone in the car. It was a long drive but well worth it.

Hope to see everyone on the water again this season.