Sacramento River Salmon Still Biting

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Sacramento River Salmon fishing was great this year and the season is not over yet. Salmon season closes on Dec. 16 2015 this year. Greg and Connie Salmon Salmon fished with me last week and were able to hook and land 2 king Salmon, one was a 25 lbs. dime bright hen and the other was a 15 lbs. Male. The Salmon are hitting plugs early in the morning then switching to Roe after the sun comes up. They also landed 4 Steelhead on there trip that were about 20 inches long. There are a lot of Steelhead in the river right now. What are they biting on. Fly’s, Plugs or Bugs. We practice catch and release on the Sacramento River. A camera is a must have on every trip.

Salmon fishermen, book your trip early for the best available day.

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