Trout Bite Rolls Forward

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(Colfax) With continuing cool weather the trout action at both Rollins Lake and Scotts Flat Reservoir is picking up. Most of the trout being caught are browns and there has been zero planting on behalf of the DFW.

“Usually at this time of the year, both Rollins and Scotts Flatt are kicking out good numbers of planted rainbows, but that isn’t the case this year,” reported Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista.  “There is a hatchery trout shortage in Northern California and we just aren’t seeing the rainbow plants we’ve had in previous years. As a result the only available trout are holdover and wild fish.”

“I fished both Rollins and Scotts last week and caught fish on both trips while working from my kayak. At Scotts, I caught a 13 inch brown trout and 3 smallmouth bass to 2.5 pounds while trolling a broken back perch pattern Rapala,” said Pleece.

“At Rollins, I got two browns to 16 inches and a beautiful 14 inch squaretail rainbow that must have moved into the lake from the Bear River. I trolled my way up the Bear River Arm pulling both spinners and minnow plugs for zero strikes. Once I hit the current I dropped down several hundred yards and started still fishing with worms. I got one brown off the bottom using a sliding sinker rig. The other two fish grabbed worms suspended 6 feet under a clear bobber,” related Pleece.

“I released all the trout I caught this week. With no trout plants in sight, I think it’s important to conserve the trout we have,” Pleece asserted.