Two 30 Lb. Limits In A Row!

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(Clearlake Oaks) Night fishing for hefty largemouth bass continues to be great at Clear Lake, as evidenced by the latest trip there by Larry Hemphill, fishing guide.  

“Yes, it is midnight, but I am still slightly wired,” said Hemphill. “Mike Sperbeck and I got back from Clear Lake about an hour ago and we are very pleased with another 30 lb 11 oz limit! We ended up with two 30″s in a row – which is harder to do these days!”

They caught several bass up to 5 lbs before dark while enjoying a solid jig bite. After dark, they landed another 5.48 and one well over 6 lbs.

“Then Mike caught his first ever swim jig fish, 6 lbs even, using a D&M Piranha bait,” Hemphill noted. “We were just about to leave one of our favorite areas, but decided to make one more pass.

“I had a good hit, but not that exciting – until I set the hook! Wow – what a powerful bass – all 8.57 pounds of her! No wonder my right shoulder is a bit sore now! And we beat the rain,” he recalled.

“I thought the jig bite would pick up with the cooler water, and it did,” he divulged. “I am still using my brown/orange Rodstrainer jig w/ Yamamoto grub trailer.”

“Again, we saw lots of bait, but most of it has moved off-shore, which should be no surprise. We saw some down to 30 feet. Our bass seemed to be spread out too – from 10 to 28 feet deep,” he added.

The water temperature was 53-56 degrees and the water clarity was stained, with a 2 to 4 foot visibility.


Clear Lake