Scattered Brown Trout Highlight Recent Fishing

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(Colfax) Water levels are good at both Rollins Reservoir and Scotts Flat Reservoir and fishing pressure has been light. Cold water has resulted in sluggish, uncooperative bass at both lakes and the lack of recent trout plants has made for slow trout fishing.

“Right now if you travel to Rollins or Scotts Flat to target trout you likely won’t have much action, but if you do hook a trout it will likely be a quality fish,” reported Jason Pleece of Meadow Vista.

“I’ve fished both lakes over the past week. At Scotts I spent time trolling and drifting with bait. On that trip I didn’t get any action at all. At Rollins Lake I spent 7 hours trolling from my kayak and ended up catching a single 22 inch brown trout. I tried a variety of minnow plugs for zero strikes early in the day. I got the brown in open water near the power lines on a threaded crawler pulled behind a chrome and brass Sep’s Strike Master dodger. That fish hit right around noon, but it was overcast on the day of my trip,” disclosed Pleece.

“I’ve been fishing Rollins for over 15 years and this has been the worst cold weather trout season I’ve seen. The lack of plants by the DFW has been devastating. There are no pansize rainbows to be had and the brown trout fishing hasn’t been as good as it usually is either. I think that the introduction of planter rainbows into the lake actually stimulates the brown trout bite,” added Pleece.