Monster Delta Striper on Topwater


I was eager to get out this weekend thinking Saturday was going to be cloudy and overcast. Well, we got handed some windy, high and white puffy clouded post frontal conditions, so I didn’t really have intention on fishing until Tuesday when the winds died down and weather stabilized.

It was my dad that actually said we should go out on Sunday evening, so off we went around 4:30, with the plan to target stripers for the first hour or so and then focus on bass in some of our older haunts.

Run and gun a lot of my favorite areas with the bigger push of the incoming tide for about 45 minutes in white capping windswept waters for nothing. Check one final area on the way to the bass grounds and I connected with a low teener sized fish on a 8″ savage gear glider in RBT color. Fish popped off as soon as it took it down. We had a few more followers in that area, but nothing really committing to eating the glide baits.

With that, and the growing wind, we took off to harass some bass throwing big topwater and gliders, hoping to maybe find a pre-spawner or maybe some post spawn fish in the shallows.

With some stronger winds blowing in some thicker grey and black cloud cover from the coastal range, we rolled up on an area we’ve done well on for bass in the past right as the sun started getting sucked into the clouds. Coasted in with the strong incoming tide without the trolling motor on and started looking at my graph. I’ve fished this spot many times over for bass, but never really have considered just how conductive it is for stripers as well. It features 11 foot depth following up to a 6′ ledge, leading into a really shallow and narrow pocket with a point on it. Threw the Sinister 6 Rainbow Trout Delta Wood Bomber out there into the shallows and started walking it back, hoping that something, either a larger sized bass or maybe a stripe was home.


Instantly I had a swirl, and joked to my dad, “Dink! Get away from my plug!” The swirl grew larger and larger. Then it rolled on it and I could see it was a DD fish. I maintain composure and walk that plug all the way back to the boat with this fish rolling on it, throwing swirls but never breaking the surface.

I run out of room and drop my arm, still holding my rod mind you, at a downward angle with complete slack line. I yell to my dad something like “THROW THE GLIDER AT HER!” He goes for the cast, and then out of nowhere, my DWB that was bobbing AGAINST the side of the boat on total slack line, disappears in a huge explosion of whitewater fury.

In total shock, I lift into it and pick up my slack. Solid connection and the fight was on. Fish burned drag like a bat out of hell then ran these crazy fast circles in the shallows for a few moments before making another blistering run for deep water. I chased her with the trolling motor while my dad got ready with the net. Got vertical and had to work her up off the bottom where she was just sulking, throwing huge headshakes. We finally got color on her and after maintaining our cool and composure; my dad skillfully slid the net under her headfirst and sealed the deal.

We sit there for a brief moment with the fish still in the net chilling in the water.

The fish took some time to be revived, but she was kicking and ripping my hand up until she kicked off and faded into the depths.

We tried another spot before heading in, but honestly, were content with what had just happened.

Many thanks to the contributing people on here and my many friends that I’ve fished with the past two years for helping to shape my angling into more refined than I could have ever once dreamed of when I first started posting on these message boards and took up striper fishing for myself. And most importantly to my dad for getting me into this absurd sport, instigating the session and netting my personal best stripe!