2016 Ultimate Frog Challenge

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frog challenge

If you’re someone that loves to throw top water frogs on the California Delta – in the heat of fierce competition and want to use any brand of top water frog YOU choose, then you certinanly don’t want to miss out on an event that has captured the imagination of all top water frog afficianados throughout the west.

That’s right…the Ultimate Frog Challenge 2016, presented by Gone Fishin Marine, is coming back to the California Delta on July 30th, and 31st, at Russo’s Marina, and will be even more exciting than last year’s event, as more frog brands will jump into the fray and anglers will get to compete with ANY BRAND OF TOP WATER FROG they choose!

Imagine… hundreds of teams battling it out in an exciting frog shootout that pits EVERY BRAND of top water frog on the market against each other to see which frog the California Delta’s monster bass really prefer!

Optimum’s “Furbit” frog against River2Sea’s “Bully Wa” frog, or Strike King’s “KVD Sexy Frog” against Live Target’s “Hollow Body”, or  SPRO’s “BronzeEye” frog against Snag Proof’s ever popular “Bobby’s Perfect Frog”, and that’s just a FEW of the frog “face-offs” that will take place in this exciting top water frog event!

A big pre-event expo, HUGE raffle, a BBQ, tons of cash, prizes, and most of all FUN is what you can expect at this event, so don’t delay, go to www.anglerspress.com  to sign up and “get ready to rumble” at the 2016 Ultimate Frog Challenge!