Stop the Agreement Between the Feds & Westlands Water District!

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Action Alert from Restore the Delta:

Please call Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Barbara Boxer, and your Congressional Representative today, and ask them to oppose bill H.R 4366 (Valdadao) to affirm an agreement between the United States and Westlands Water District (dated September 15, 2015) for the “San Luis Unit Drainage Act Resolution.”

Governor Jerry Brown: (916) 445-2841 Senator Barbara Boxer: (202) 224-3553
Find Your Congressional Rep:

We need California leaders to stop this destructive legacy where about 350 industrial irrigators will receive close to a million acre feet of a guaranteed water supply contract with no acreage limitations courtesy of the American taxpayer, and at the expense of needed flows to protect the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary.

What does the American taxpayer get for paying Westlands Water District’s water bills forever at a cost of more than a quarter billion dollars? Some vague assurances that Westlands will keep millions of gallons of polluted water within their boundaries, and not belch it back into groundwater supplies, the San Joaquin River, and the Delta, when the Federal Government could not solve the same problem for decades.

Governor Brown, Senator Boxer, and our Congressional Representatives should be insisting on better water quality protections for communities in the San Joaquin Valley, the Delta, and the San Joaquin River. Tell them that they should not sully their own environmental legacies by failing to act to curtail this bad deal for Californians and Federal tax payers. Tell Governor Brown, that he must defend water quality in the San Joaquin Valley and Delta from legacy projects.