Trinity River Steelhead Numbers Are Still Below Normal

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(Lewiston) The numbers of steelhead coming into the Trinity River Fish Hatchery continue to be below normal – and well below the numbers trapped during the past four years.

The hatchery has counted only 886 adult steelhead to date, compared to 3,272 trapped to date in 2015. The hatchery trapped a total of 2,550 steelhead in 2014, 2.302 in 2013 and 5,737 in 2012.

The hatchery recently finished spawning Chinook and coho salmon for the season. The coho and salmon numbers are down from previous years.

The Trinity River Fish Hatchery trapped a total of 1,512 fall-run Chinooks, including 1,3141 adults and 198 grilse in 2016. By contrast, the fall Chinook totals were 3353 in 2015, 7,196 in 2014, 6,631 in 2013 17,595 in 2012.

The facility trapped 527 coho salmon, including 480 adults and 47 grilse, this fall. That compares to 3.337 fish in 2015, 3274 in 2014 and 8,238 in 2012.

The Trinity River produced some quality steelhead in the 8 to 9 lb. class in between the latest storms, reported Tim Brady at Trinity Outdoors. The fish hit plugs, flies, roe and nightcrawlers from Lewiston to Junction City.

“Trinity Lake has been snowed in, so people haven’t been able to fish the reservoir for bass or trout lately,” noted Brady.

Trinity Lake is holding 1,386,724 acre-feet of water, 57 percent of capacity and 82 percent of average. Releases to the Trinity River below Lewiston Dam are 338 cfs.