Action Alert: Defend the Delta from Jerry Brown’s Tunnels @DSC

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This is the latest action alert from Restore the Delta (RTD):

The Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) has been attempting to pull a fast one on Delta area residents. They are considering a motion to amend the Delta Plan to automatically accept new conveyance, aka the Delta tunnels, into their master plan for the Delta, without proper public vetting.

We need you to attend the Delta Stewardship Council meeting on March 23rd, Thursday in Brentwood. The meeting starts at 9 am, but the public session is not scheduled to begin until 10 a.m. The meeting will be held at:

Brentwood Community Center, 708 3rd Street, Brentwood, CA 94513

The DSC has also been holding public scoping meetings on this measure; however, they have FAILED to notify the broader public Delta community that these meetings are happening. For the last meeting, Restore the Delta received a 24-hour notice from colleagues, not from the Delta Stewardship Council.

Here is what your public comment should indicate to the Delta Stewardship Council:
Do not make dual conveyance, the Delta tunnels, a promoted option or preferred alternative at this time. Instead, do the comprehensive review and analysis required by the Delta Reform Act and such other things as a benefit-cost analysis before declaring the Tunnels or anything else to be the promoted option and preferred alternative. We are asking for you to think first, act later. Why is there a rush for approval for a project without Federal permits, and without a financial plan?

To learn more about Restore the Delta’s concerns, please read this coalition letter authored by Bob Wright at Friends of the River regarding the problems with the Delta Stewardship Council pushing forward on this course.

We will see you there, ready to defend the Delta. Thank you for your ongoing support.