Pro-Tunnels Agenda? Why You Should Submit Comments Anyway

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Restore the Delta (RTD) today sent out an action alert regarding the extension for the Delta Plan Amendments Draft PEIR (Programmatic Environmental Impact Report) until Jan. 22, 2018 and the hearing to be held this Thursday.

Here is today’s action alert:

We are alerting you about the Delta Stewardship’s Delta Plan Amendments PEIR Public Comment Event this Thursday (12/14) because of its essential part in the Delta Tunnels project process.

However, we have found with the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) that it is best to put comments in writing to be part of the record for future litigation. Public participation does not have any influence on their pro-conveyance agenda.The DSC does not take public comments from Delta residents seriously enough. For instance, they have failed to make changes to their public meetings after we discussed how they needed to extend outreach for public meetings this year. At the last Stockton scoping meeting about 18 people showed up, after we alerted them about the event. Press members weren’t even notified until hours before the event.

In addition, the DSC is determined to approve conveyance language for the tunnels, regardless of what we say about process, law and outcomes. We recommend submitting comments in writing before the January deadline moren showing up for their public event in order to have a public record for future litigation.   To learn more about this matter, read “Delta Stewardship Council Votes to Approve Delta Plan Amendments: Fails to Meet State Mandates.”

How to submit comments: Due January 22, 2018

Written comments on the Draft PEIR’s environmental analyses are requested and invited from responsible agencies, organizations, and interested parties. All comments received, including names and addresses, will become part of the official administrative record and may be made available to the public.

The Council is extending the comment period on the Delta Plan Amendments Draft PEIR until January 22, 2018. E-mailed comments will be accepted from November 1, 2017 through 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 22, 2018.

Mailed comments must be postmarked by Monday, January 22.
Written comments should be sent to: Delta Stewardship Council 980 9th Street, Suite 1500 Sacramento, CA 95814
Comments may be emailed to:

  If you are planning on attending the public meeting:  

A public hearing on the Delta Plan Amendments Draft PEIR remains as scheduled, from 4 until 7 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 14, 2017, at the West Sacramento City Hall Galleria, 1110 West Capitol, Avenue, West Sacramento, CA.