Delta Tunnel Action Alert – Santa Clara Valley Water District

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Restore the Delta has issued an action alert regarding the Santa Clara Valley Water District:

“On June 23, 2020, the Santa Clara Valley Water District will be discussing the possibility of putting a funding measure on the November ballot.

We believe the ballot in part is to raise funding for the Delta tunnel project.

Valley Water describes their first priority as:

Priority A: Ensure a Safe, Reliable Water Supply  “This is exact language used by the Department of Water Resources to describe the Delta tunnel project.

With all the funding challenges for Valley Water associated with dam repairs and flood control, a bond measure that could finance a risky Delta tunnel project that still requires permitting, CEQA review, and a 23-year construction period — all for a diminishing water supply due to climate change — is problematic for ratepayers.

Please let your water district officials know that you oppose ANY language or use of a potential bond fund to finance Delta tunnel planning by emailing comments to

To understand which projects would best serve the people of your region, visit the website and follow the work of Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter. Their Conservation Vice Chair Katja Irvin is an expert on water sustainability for your region.

The agenda for the next Valley Water meeting is posted here.

The staff report is posted here.

Some not good news came out today for the new Delta Tunnel plan. The fewer number of water districts that participate, the higher the costs for the remaining districts,

Groundwater recharge pond behind the Santa Clara County Water District offices in San Jose. Photo by Dan Bacher.

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