Fisherman’s Wharf – Halibut and Striper Fishing Sizzles

Fisherman’s Wharf

Halibut and Striper Fishing Sizzles

SAN FRANCISCO –   The halibut and striper fishing on San Francisco Bay continues to be excellent for this time of year. Mike Rescino, Captain of the Lovely Martha, reported top-notch fishing on his latest trips on the bay out of Fisherman’s Wharf.

“On April 1, we finished up with over 3 fish a rod, catching 11 halibut to 18 lbs. and 9 limits (18) of striped bass to 12 lbs.,” said Rescino.

April 2 was another phenomenal day on the bay, with the 13 anglers catching a total of 45 fish. “We finished up with 19 halibut to 12 lbs. and 13 limits (26) of bass!” he said.

April 3 was another solid day. “We finished up with over 2 fish a rod. We caught 24 striped bass and 7 halibut to 15 lbs. for 14 anglers,” noted Rescino.

Bodega Bay

Bottom Dwelling Rockfish Fill Opener Sacks

BODEGA BAY–  The rockfish and lingcod season opened off Bodega Bay with great fishing. The 19 anglers aboard the New Sea Angler on opening day, April 1, caught limits of bottom-dwelling rockfish and 6 lingcod to 12 pounds.

“The weather and fishing was phenomenal,” said Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sportfishing. “We were in early by noon on April 1, 2, and 3 with quality copper, brown, vermilion, and canary rockfish. The shallow water school fish were absent with the brown water off the Coast. The water was flat calm and there was no swell.”

“The fishing is as good as it gets,” he said. “We fished south of the harbor down to Point Reyes all three days. We had 19 limits of rockfish and 6 lingcod Thursday, 14 limits of rockfish and 5 lingcod Friday and 14 limits of rockfish and a handful of lingcod Saturday.”

Half Moon Bay

Limits of Salmon and Rockfish Reward Anglers

EL GRANADA –  Both the rockfish opener off the San Mateo County Coast on April 1 and the salmon opener below Pigeon Point om April 3 produced superb fishing.

“The opener took us down south of Pigeon Point, and after some scouting, we landed on the Mother Lode,” reported the Queen of Hearts on Saturday, April 3. “The fish sure were hungry! All fourteen customers limited out within two hours of arriving at the fishing grounds. The largest fish on board today was 15 lbs., while the average fish was around 10 lbs.”

Captain Tom Mattusch, Captain of the Hulicat, reported great rockfish action on calm seas on first three days of the season.

“The rockcod opener out of the Deep Reef in 270 ft. of water produced some quality fish,” said Matttusch. “Ken Wood from Pacifica caught a 3 lb. green spot on shrimp flies. Raymond Chand from South San Francisco landed a 3 lb. vermilion while using a bar. Ken Lau from San Francisco caught a 3 lb. copper on a bar. 9 limits for 9 anglers were taken for the day. Ocean conditions were flat with a light breeze”.

The Huli Cat went to the Deep Reef again on April 2, fishing in 240 ft. of water. George Gavallos from Burlingame used a bar to catch a 3 lb. vermilion. Mason Costa from Burlingame reeled in a 2 lb. copper caught on shrimp flies. 7 limits for 7 anglers were taken for the day. Ocean conditions were flat with a slight breeze, according to Mattusch.

Anglers bagged some more quality fish at the Deep Reef in 240 ft. of water on April 3. Scott Gram from Daily City used shrimp flies to catch a 3 lb. flag rockfish. Michael Schley from Livermore brought in a 4 lb. copper caught on shrimp flies. 

“We hooked lots of bottom dwellers with a few school fish mixed in. Ocean conditions were flat with a slight breeze,” Mattusch concluded.

Written By: Dan Bacher

This angler holds up a beauty that he caught on a recent trip while fishing with the California Dawn. The halibut and striped bass bite has been solid with some halibut weighing in around the 18 pound range. Photo Courtesy of California Dawn Sportfishing