Bodega Bay – Limits of Quality Rockfish Are The Rule

Monterey Bay 

Trollers Nail Salmon at Soquel Hole, Pajaro

SANTA CRUZ – The salmon fishing was good for anglers who trolled near the Soquel Hole and in front of Pajaro on the weekend of June 5 to 6.

 “The west edge of the Soquel Hole from 36’50/121’59 to 36’49/122’02 produced some quick limits early in the morning,” reported Todd Fraser of Bayside Marine. “The anglers near Pajaro had good action around 36’49/121’53 and 36’50/121’55. The majority of anglers were catching the salmon 40-80 feet in the morning. By mid-morning, the salmon were biting around 100-200 feet down.” 

Fraser said halibut are still being caught near Capitola and in front of Santa Cruz.

Charter boats are targeting both rockfish and salmon at this time. The 14 anglers aboard the Kahuna caught 2 salmon and released 7 others on their latest mooching trip out of Moss Landing Harbor. On their previous trip, the  15 passengers aboard the Kahuna boated 12 salmon and released 2 more Chinooks.

The most recent rockfish trip aboard the Kahuna checked in with 160 rockfish and one lingcod for 18 anglers.

On June 5, Chris’ Fishing Trips in Monterey reported limits of rockfish (300) and 2 lingcod for 30 anglers on the Star of Monterey; limits of rockfish (190) and 2 lingcod for 19 anglers on the Check Mate; and limits of rockfish and 15 lingcod for 16 anglers on the Caroline


Half Moon Bay

Head Below Pigeon Point for Salmon Limits

EL GRANADA – Salmon have been biting off the San Mateo Coast below Pigeon Point, with limits and near-limits of big kings reported on many trips.

“We experienced awesome fishing today below Pigeon Point,” said Tom Mattusch of Hulicat Sportfishing after his most recent trip. “It started out slow, but picked up later in the morning. We ended up with 15 salmon for 8 anglers, including  two 23 pound salmon and one 27 pound salmon .”

“Unfortunately, the Devil Fish eluded us at the end of the day, with 3 fish lost in the prop,” he stated. “Some came unbuckled at the boat, while we lost one fish to a sea lion.”.

On the previous salmon adventure, Mattusch  also reported limits of salmon taken off Pigeon Point. “Birthday boy Andrew Lacenere caught the 2 biggest fish of the day, up to 18 pounds His girlfriend Lara Martial also caught a 12 lb. salmon. The final count was 18 salmon for 8 anglers and the crew.”   

The rockfish action is also excellent. On Saturday, June 5, the 12 anglers fishing aboard the Queen of Hearts bagged 120 rockfish and 4 lingcod while fishing off the San Mateo County Coast.

Fisherman’s Wharf

San Francisco Bay Halibut Are Biting  

SAN FRANCISCO – Despite muddy water and big tides, charter boat anglers landed good numbers of halibut and a few striped bass over the Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco Bay. After the weekend, fishing improved even more with smaller tides.

Captain Mike Rescino of the Lovely Martha reported solid fishing for halibut. On Sunday, May 30, the 18 anglers on the boat landed 16 halibut and 2 stripers. 

Fishing was much better on Memorial Day, when 15 people landed 28 halibut to 18 pounds and five striped bass to 5 pounds. “We had our best action on the bottom of tide,” he said.

Fishing was even better on Saturday, June 5, when the 14 anglers on the Lovely Martha landed 34 halibut and 2 stripers. 

“It’s been a good year for halibut,” noted Rescino. “We have caught 1140 halibut and 780 stripers this season since we started the first week in March. The halibut we caught lately were fresh from the ocean, some with sea lice on them.”   

On Saturday, May 30, the 4 anglers aboard the Bass Tub landed 5 halibut to 13 pounds and 2 stripers to 11 pounds while drifting live anchovies in the Berkeley Flats.  

On Sunday, the 18 anglers on a half day trip aboard the Bass Tub landed 13 halibut and 2 striped bass. The fish ranged from legal-sized to 12 pounds. 

“The fishing conditions were tough, with big tides and muddy water,” reported Aaron Anfinson, captain of the Bass Tub. 

Written By: Dan Bacher


Bodega Bay

Limits of Quality Rockfish Are The Rule

BODEGA BAY– Limits of quality rockfish, along with a few lingcod, are the rule for anglers boarding charter boats out of Bodega Bay.

“Today, the 10 anglers aboard the New Sea Angler bagged 10 limits of rockfish, one lingcod and 57 Dungeness crabs,” reported Captain Rick Powers of Bodega Bay Sportfishing on Sunday, June 6. “Today was the first day were able to make it out since May 31 because of wind.”

The anglers caught the fish while fishing shrimp flies, tipped with squid strips, in around 180 feet of water off the Sonoma County Coast. “We hooked a mixture of quality bottom dwellers, including copper, brown, vermilion, China and canary rockfish,” noted Powers. 

Salmon season in the San Francisco Management Region, including Bodega Bay, will open on June 26, according to the Pacific Fishery Management Council. Until the season opens, rockfish and lingcod will continues provide the top fishing on the Sonoma County Coast, 

“I can’t wait until we start our salmon, rockfish and lingcod combo trips on June 26,” added Powers.

Written By: Dan Bacher

Jon Takahashi was trolling in the Port San Luis area with a rainbow colored Apex when he landed this thick and healthy salmon. The salmon bite has been consistent and at times excellent in this region since the opener.