The Fish Sniffer Magazine Going Forward!

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The Fish Sniffer Magazine Going Forward

The Covid 19 epidemic affected the whole world in a myriad of ways, and the Fish Sniffer newspaper was mortally wounded.  We lost a tremendous amount of ad revenue for various reasons, mostly because our advertisers could not conduct business in a profitable fashion.  And the final blow was the loss of the Sacramento Sport Shows that buoyed our revenue every year.  Because of that, the company that published The Fish Sniffer newspaper, Northern California Angler Publications, was forced out of business in January.  We all lost our jobs and our income and our future.  We are very sad that this happened, but as everyone knows, circumstances were beyond our control.

The new company, The Fish Sniffer LLC, is attempting to continue the tradition of providing fishing news and information for the Northern California area.  It is now a digital only magazine, offered at no cost to all our readers.  We do have a core of loyal advertisers who are advertising and allowing us to continue the legacy of The Fish Sniffer.  As you read the new Fish Sniffer, please note the advertisers who make it happen and support them however you can.
For those of you who don’t enjoy reading on a phone or computer, you can print out The Fish Sniffer on your home printer, or have a copy house like Kinko’s or Kwik Copy print it out for you.
We are looking forward to the country opening up and becoming normal again.  We will do everything in our power to keep our readers up to date on both freshwater and saltwater fishing information in our area.  We have talked about possibly doing a quarterly print publication in the future, if revenues increase and it becomes fiscally possible.  The increasing costs of printing and mailing may defer this process for a while.
Thanks very much for your support and understanding.

Paul Kneeland, Publisher.

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