Flashers for Trout and Salmon

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Today’s average troller is obsessed with dodgers. I’d bet at any given lake on any given day the number of dodgers being trolled outnumbers the number of flashers in the water by a ratio of 15 or 20: 1. Often … Continued

Spinners And Spoons For River Kings

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By Cal Kellogg Spinners and spoons will take river salmon wherever salmon are found from the bountiful rivers of Alaska all the way down the Pacific Coast to the Feather and American Rivers. It takes patience and experience to consistently … Continued

Late Season Kokanee Tactics

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by Jack Naves For some folks, late summer and autumn kokanee fishing can be intimidating. The fish go deep and often reject typical trolling methods. For me, it’s my favorite time of year to target these pigmy landlocked sockeye salmon. … Continued