Jerking Winter Bass With The Ima Flit

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By Mark Fong Wintertime bass fishing can be a formidable endeavor for many reasons. Unstable weather, cold water, and low activity levels present a myriad of challenges for even the most ardent anglers. Lots of anglers believe that the only … Continued

Tips for Better Buzzbait Success

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Nothing is more exciting than a vicious top water strike and buzzbaits have a well-deserved reputation for generating giant blowups and big bass. Buzzbaits have been around for a long time but with the flood of newer and flashier baits, … Continued

Fish Sniffer Sierra Kokanee

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Fishing guides can be nomadic. Here today and gone tomorrow. Such is the case with Captain James Netzel of Tightlines Guide Service. With the Spring striped bass run in the Delta rapidly winding down, he has shifted his focus to … Continued