Cold Water Bass Fishing

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By Larry Hemphill Bass anglers are better able to deal with cold weather than are the bass they seek. While humans move around more to stay warm, bass do the opposite. I have always maintained that the worst number in … Continued

Voters Defeat Proposition 3, Big Ag’s Water Bond

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The voters of California decisively defeated Proposition 3, the controversial $9 billion water bond backed by powerful corporate agribusiness interests, in the November 6 midterm election. 52.34% of the voters, 3,568,010, voted No for the measure, while 47.66%, 3,248,415, voted Yes, with 100 percent … Continued

Council staff says CA WaterFix inconsistent with Delta Plan; Council chair urges DWR to withdraw ‘certification’

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Photo: Randy Fiorini, Delta Stewardship Council Chair (center), said he “would strongly encourage the Department to consider withdrawing the certification of consistency.” Photo by Dan Bacher. On November 8, the Delta Stewardship Council staff released a draft report finding that … Continued