Trout, Trout & More Trout!

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The fabled Sierra Nevada wind had come up early and now it was really blowing. The surface of the lake was covered in white caps and all the power boaters had long since thrown in the towel and their boats … Continued

Trolling For Mr. Linesides!

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Fall will be here soon and that means it’s nearly striper trolling time in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta. This being the case I figure this is a perfect time to go over the basics of Delta striper trolling. I know … Continued

Lings On Jigs!

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Fishing for lingcod with live bait is all fun and games, but for me the reel excitement comes when the conditions allow me to drop metal bar jigs. A lot of guys like to use rubber swimbaits teamed with leadheads. … Continued

Are You Ready For Frog Fishing?

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I know a lot of folks out there in Fish Sniffer Country reading this article have experienced the thrill of frog fishing, but there are likely an equal number that have heard about it, yet have never given it a … Continued

S.F. Bay Halibut Strategy

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Ask Bay Area saltwater enthusiasts what their favorite gamefish is and you’ll get several different answers. Some guys will point to the chinook salmon that traditionally roam the waters outside the Golden Gate. Others will name the voracious lingcod that … Continued